Minutes of Uppingham Town Partnership Meeting 14 Nov 2018

Present: Marc Oxley (Chair), Dave Casewell, Pete Rees, Dick Reeve, Paul Becque, Ann Smyth

Apologies: Lucy Stephenson, Miranda Jones, Sharon Aumais, Canon Rachel Watts. Rachel Burkitt, Cornelius Vincent – Enright

Approval of Minutes of last UTP Meeting, 26th September 2018: Prop MO sec DR  Unanimous

Matters arising. None.

Financial report  – It was noted that the Treasurer Sharon Aumais had been admitted to hospital so no report was available.  We were informed that we are up to date with all outstanding payments and the bank has been very helpful.  The town partnership remains financially viable.  The town partnership is covering Sharon’s position until such time as she can resume her role. It was unanimously agreed to send her a get well card.

Film Night.  The films continued to be well attended with a list of films with attendees; being shown to all present.  Financially viable over all.  Congratulations to all involved in organizing the event.  At the last meeting PB was asked to contact all media outlets for free advertising and this was partially successful. Most people hear about the event by word of mouth and posters exhibited around the town.  Meeting with Film Group was very fruitful on the way forward.

The decision was taken to have 4 films booked ahead of time which gives plenty of time to advertise. The committee offered full support to the film organiser and it was decided that a leaflet be produced and given to every household in the town with upcoming film details.

The chairman reported that he had contacted Arts 4 Rutland and asked if the UTP could be given a seat on the committee, which they agreed.

MO then nominated Ann Smyth who is currently a member of the film committee seconded by PR – Unanimously agreed

Christmas in Uppingham In the absence of MJ a short report was read.  All arrangements are going to plan with cheques from stallholders coming in.  Five volunteers to Marshall on the day were needed. MO, DR, PR, DC, and PB volunteered.  Leaflets to arrive for distribution soon and volunteers are needed to deliver.

Uppingham in Bloom Again because M J was not present no report was available

Uppingham neighbourhood plan MO reported that he could not continue as the UTP representative on the neighbourhood plan group and Peter Rees was nominated by Dick Reeve seconded by Marc Oxley to be the UTP s representative unanimously elected.

It was noted that the neighbourhood plan committee has been renamed as the neighbourhood plan advisory group

Volunteer fair held on the 13th of October was a great success and should be continued

Website update All websites are up to date and running well.  As are both the Facebook page and the Twitter account

A.O.B. – None

Date of Next Meeting    Thursday January 16th 2019 @ 7.30 pm @ Town Hall.


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