Hello Uppingham. TOMORROW is the first Monday of the month (Dec 3), which means we’ll be enjoying our MONTHLY MINDFULNESS, in Uppingham. We’d love to have you come along for an hour of total calmness and peace.

The benefits of mindfulness are huge, wide-ranging and now, scientifically proven. This simple practice can improve personal relationships, nurture closeness and enhance intimacy, because mindfulness helps place a check on automatic reactions and enables you to listen more effectively.

You could improve your memory, reduce levels of stress and anxiety, enhance sleep, promote well-being, boost productivity and increase your creativity. Mindfulness can help you to accept troublesome thoughts and emotions, allowing you to let go of them before they have a negative impact on your personal life, your work, or even your eating habits.

Enjoy any, or all, of our 60-minute informal meet-ups. They’re practical, enriching and fun with no religious elements. The language used is clear and modern and there are no funny positions – we will all sit on chairs. Dress comfortably and bring an open mind. Ideal for everyone, whether you have no mindfulness experience, or are already practicing and would like to share your skills.

Paul Becque is a Certified Success and Fulfilment Coach and will provide a variety of exercises and techniques which you can learn and continue to practice at home. If you’d like more information or have any questions, visit www.engagewithsuccess.com Perfect for letting go of stress, anxiety or procrastination, and finding your pathway to more energy, joy and a better balance in your everyday life. Slow down and appreciate life.

We meet UPSTAIRS in Uppingham Town Hall for a 7.30pm start. Monday, December 3. £5 per person.

Hope you can join us in December. Seasonal wishes.